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C H A L L E N G E   L A D D E R

Description and Rules


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NOTE: In addition to seeing the ladders at the Club, you can find the online link here:   https://goo.gl/uGcBXs

S A N  F R A N C I S C O  L A W N  B O W L I N G  C L U B

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1. A challenge ladder is a competition in which the names of the players are listed vertically as though standing on the rungs of a ladder. The objective for each player is to climb the ladder by challenging and defeating players higher on the ladder. A successful challenger moves up to occupy the position of the player who has been challenged (4 spots maximum increase) and the loser, and those below the loser, each move down one rung to fill the empty place. If the challenger loses, player positions remain unchanged. To ensure a smooth operation of this event some limitations and rules have been applied as follows:

2.This ladder will run from 2/15 to 5/31/18. The entry fee is $10.

3. On Feb 15, 2020, all bowlers signed up by that date will be assigned a starting position on the ladder by random draw. Additional bowlers may sign up to participate in the ladder at any time. After the initial ladder assignments are made, new participants will begin at the bottom rung of their appropriate ladder. It is expected players will compete in 4 to 10 matches (or more) in the three and half month time frame.

4. A player on the ladder may challenge any other player on the rungs above them. After a challenge, the loser cannot challenge the winner to a rematch until either of the two has first played someone else (either by another challenge or being challenged).

5. The recommended way to issue a challenge would be to do so by email (and copy the Ladder Director). For bowlers that do not use email challenges may be issued by phone. A recommended script for making a challenge would include the following: "Hi. I'd like to challenge you, here are three proposed dates and times... if none of these work for you please call me to choose an agreeable date and time."

6. Once a challenge has been issued the bowlers have 14 days for the challenge to be scheduled and played. In the spirit of play, bowlers are encouraged to complete their challenge within 7 days or less, if possible. If a challenge is not played in the prescribed time because of lack of responsiveness the bowler who is not responding loses by default. More often than not it might be bowler being challenged, but perhaps in some cases the challenger him- or her-self does not follow through on securing a date and time, then the challenger loses by default. Loss by default is a loss.

7. Once a date and time is agreed to by both bowlers, the challenger will send a confirmation email to the bowler being challenged and the Ladder Director. No challenge matches may be played during the first draw game on Tuesdays or during the monthly social.

8. Within 24 hours of the game’s completion the winner must email the results to the Ladder Director and copy the loser (including date of game, challenger's name and ladder position, name of player challenged and ladder position, and final score). In addition, signed scorecards must be left in the results envelop attached to the ladder board. Signed score cards must include a date and clearly identifiable legible names (not just a single initial; if other members share your first name include your last name or initial). The challenge ladder will be updated approximately three times a week by emailed results and approximately once a week by physical score cards. If any members who don’t use email want to participate in the ladder, accommodations for reporting results must be made in advance with the Ladder Director.

9. NEW RULE FOR 2020: We encourage you to challenge someone up to three spots above you. But if you cannot set something up do to schedule, injuries etc, A player may challenge anyone on the ladder but if the person challenged is more than 4 spots above them they can only increase 4 spots on the ladder. For example if #16 challenges #2 and wins, they would move up to #12 and #2 would move down to #3. It used to be you could only challenge 3 spots above you but we are adding this to encourage more games to be played and easier to find opponents who are availalbe.

10. Should some situation arise that a player has to drop out of the ladder competition, their name will be removed from the ladder and all players below will move up one rung. A player that drops from the ladder (for any reason), will forfeit their entry fee and any prize money earned.

11. In the case of any dispute about the challenge or choice of date for the game or player availability to play or availability of green, the Ladder Director will be the arbiter.

12. Games will be played to 18 points. Handicap differentials will apply. When using handicaps in lawn bowls, the difference between the higher number handicap and lower number handicap is added to the shots "scored" in the first end whether the higher number handicap bowler actually scored in the first end or not. Example: If Bowler X has a 2-Handicap and Bowler Y has a 4-Handicap, the handicap differential is +2 to Bowler Y. That +2 gets added to the shots counted in the first end. See "How to score with Handicaps" sheet for further illustrations.

13. Setting the Jack: if one player states at the outset that they wish to roll the jack rather than set it, the other player must accept without complaint. Only if both agree to set the jack should it be done that way. And, whatever is agreed, the same method then prevails throughout the match. Once an end is underway any dead jack will be placed at the 2 meter mark (there are no burnt ends).

14. Prizes will be distributed in two ways: [1] to the top four places of the ladder: 23% to first place, 19% to second place, 15% to third place, 10% to 4th place; and [2] the top two participants who play the most games: 20% to individual with most games played and 13% to individual with next most games played. If there is a tie for most games played each will get the pro-rata share of 33%. If there is a two-way tie for second most games played each will get pro-rata share of 13%.

15. Ladder Director is Andrew Keeler. His email address is akeeler@gmail.com

C H A L L E N G E   L A D D E R  

We are bringing back the ladder competition that Daniel started last year. This fun, casual competition

is a co-ed handicap singles available to everyone. Games will run from Feb 15 to the end of May.

$10 entry fee and prizes will be awarded at the end based on results as well as number of games played. The whole idea is to encourage everyone to get out and try singles and meet other members. There is no requirement of number of games to play over time. (You could play three or play 20… whatever works for your schedule. Games can be played whenever the opponents agree on day and time.

If you haven’t done the ladder before please review the info below. Also, for those who participated before we made a small adjustment that you can challenge anyone on the ladder (see #9 below). 

When we have all the entrees in we will randomly draw the order by Feb 15.

If you come in later you can still participate. You can email me that you want to play and give me money when you see me or paypal (ak@keelerkom.com) or Venmo (415-699-5435). We will also have a signup board at the club. Again, this is great for novices, part-time players, etc.

(And if we get some lights we will add an evening component to it!).

 Give it a try. Let me know any questions. - Thanks, Andrew

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For printing a copy, the attached PDF outlines the 'Rules' for the Ladder Challenge'

these rules can also be found online via the following link - https://goo.gl/v27T1y   

The actual Ladder Rankings will be determined by blind draw on February 15 

(once 2018 handicaps have been determined by the Tournament Committees).