The SFLBC  J U L Y  Program is as follows :

N E W S 


 H E L L O   E V E R Y O N E !


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Thursday, July 13 : EB Parkell Australian Pairs - 
Sign up individually; teams will be determined by a draw. 

Sign up deadline is Thursday, July 6EB will host a reception following the games... 

This IS a fun tournament so come and bowl if you can!  
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Monday, July 24 :  SFLBC Board Meeting - 
Meeting at 10 am.  Any member is welcome to attend this meeting; 

there is a place in the agenda for member comments / input!

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Thursday, July 20 :  Hospitality Fundraiser II
In conjunction with our Monthly EveningBowls game (see below)...  

Have your name chips on the table by 5:15 to play in the 5:30 pm draw game.  Following the game, pizza and salad will be available for a $5 entry fee. 

Please contact Angie Peet directly if you want to participate.  Please let her know no later than Monday, July 17, so she can have an accurate count to order the pizza.
.  .  . 

Thursday, July 24 :  Arnie's Mixed Singles - 
(Hosted by Angie & John Peet! Deadline to sign up will be Thursday, July 20

(or contact Rod directly if you can't get to the Club to sign up). 

A reception will follow the games.  Come and help celebrate Arnie's 95th!!!

.  .  .

Sunday, July 30 : SFLBC Men's Handicap Singles - 
Deadline to sign up will be Sunday, July 23 (or contact Rod directly). 

Markers will also be needed!

.  .  . ​

Wednesday, July 26 : Monthly Evening Bowls - 
Its never too late to sign up for the Hospitality Fundraiser & Evening Bowls, 
ALWAYS on the LAST Wednesday, of the month!
Draw will be at 5:30 pm w/ dinner to follow. Contact Joanne Kluck directly 
to join inthe game and socialize w/ other members!!!
.  .  . ​​

Sunday, August 3 : Hattie Bahrt Mixed Pairs -
Deadline to sign up will be Thursday, July 27
(or contact EB directly).
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Friday, September 8 :  NEW Social Bowls  -  

George Vlachos is sponsoring a Social Bowls Event for those members with handicaps of 1 to 6. 

The format will be draw triples teams with two 12-end games (one in the morning, one after lunch).  There will be a $2 entry fee (fees collected will go to Hospitality); prizes will be paid out

at the end of the games.  Whites are NOT mandatory.  Rod Arriaga will be handling the event;

he will let members know by email when he posts the sign-up sheet.
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N O T E :

"Suggestion Box" IS IN THE Men's Clubhouse. Members are invited to use this box as a means to submit serious suggestions for consideration. Please provide your name and contact info (email, phone number) along with your written suggestion to facilitate communication.

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​​A D D I T I O N A L   R E M I N D E R  : 

SUMMER hours are in effect !

First game begins @ 10. Be there by 9:30 for the "Draw"

As always, if there is any question in your mind whether the greens are open because of recent rainy weather, please check the GREENS HOTLINE : 1 . 4 15 . 4 8 7 . 8 7 8 7

REMEMBER, if the ground is 'soggy' please use the long mats to protect the greens!

Thanks for your patience.

Hope to see you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

Its a busy month for SFLBC

(also check the PIMD website for the PIMD events!


U P D A T E D    7  .  1 2  .  1 7 



Social Bowls Event

9 / 8 / 1 7 ! 

E S T A B L I S H E D   1 9 0 1