Sunday, August 25 :  SFLBC Centennial Cup  -  

This is a Mixed Triples format; sign up as a team. The sign-up sheet is posted at the Club along w/ the envelop to place your entrance fee (yes, this is the only tournament in which you must pay up front -  AND, the entry fee is $10/person).  You can form a team by reaching out to other members (that why you all have a Club Directory).  Also note that this is an Invitational, so other PIMD Clubs have been invited to join in the tournament.  Deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 18

ALSO NOTE : There will be a reception immediately following the games; anyone who can assist  

in preparing for the reception - please contact Lyen Steinke directly.  
.  .  .


See you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

​​​​​FIRST, a reminder:  August is a prime tournament month

so pay close attention to the Club (and PIMD) calendar!
SECOND,please welcome two new members to our Club -

Kevin Mattoon and John Rubel. 

NOTE : An updated PDF of the 2019 SFLBC Member Directory was emailed 

to everyone - please delete any prior version and replace it with that one.
THIRD, a reminder that greens set-up before and take-down after tournaments

is the responsibility of ALL members playing in the tournament!  
LAST, President Grimes asks that whenever any of us go out to bowl, socially

or for a tournament, please put out at least one sandwich board w/ informational flyers.  The sandwich boards are located near the rakes in each shed and are quite light to carry and set up.  This will help in our efforts to recruit members.

Saturday, August 31 :  Rezendez Mixed Triples  -  

This is a Mixed Triples tournament; again sign up as a team

Deadline to sign up is Saturday, August 24.  The sign-up sheet is posted at the Club; if you cannot get to the Club but have a team that wishes to participate please email Rod Arriaga directly.
.  .  .


Please do not go onto the green for any reason while our gardener is using any equipment on it. 

Just wait until he is finished pleaseits a safety issue!

Sunday, August 18 :  Women's Championship Singles  -  

Deadline to sign up is sunday, August 11.  Sign-up sheet is posted at the Club; if you cannot get to the Club to sign up but wish to participate please email Janet Mednick directly.  
.  .  .


© Copyright 2019 SFLBC / San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club. All Rights Reserved.

A L S O  N O T E :

"Suggestion Box" IS IN THE Men's Clubhouse. Members are invited to use this box as a means to submit serious suggestions for consideration. Please provide your name and contact info (email, phone number) along with your written suggestion to facilitate communication.

.  .  .

Saturday, August 10 :  PIMD McLaren Rotational Mixed Triples  -  

Deadline to sign up is Saturday, August 3.  This will be hosted by the SFLBC, but, this is a PIMD event so you must send registration slip and $$ directly to Bud Birkenseer (PIMD reg forms can be found    on the bulletin board at the Club, or by downloading from the PIMD website).  

.  .  .

Sunday, August 11 :  Novice Mentoring  -  

From 10 am - 3 pm...  Open to all members, but novices are especially welcome to get personal mentoring.  Please Luis Zapata directly at directly if you wish to participate.

.  .  .

U P D A T E D    8 . 7 . 1 9

NOW - Time for your reminder of what's on the SFLBC calendar for AUGUST  ...

E A R L Y  N O T I C E

Monday, September 2 :  Labor Day Social Game  -  

Arrive at the Club by 9:45 am for a 10 am draw game; then bring your lunch and socialize if you wish to stay for an afternoon game.  NOTE : Due to the Monday Holiday, the greens will be CLOSED on Tuesday, September 3 to allow the greenskeeper to tend the grass.
.  .  .

Monday, August 12 :  SFLBC Gardening Group  -  

The Group meets @ 9 am to tend to the landscaping needs around the greens. 

Any memberis welcome to join this group; just bring your own gloves!

.  .  .

N E W S 

P R O G R A M​


Tuesday, August 13 :  SFLBC Monthly Social  -  

The first monthly social of 2019 - bring your own lunch and gather @ 11 am! 

Announcements and March birthday cake will occur @ 11:30 am. 

Name chips ( & $ ) MUST be on the table by 11:45 to be included in the draw for the Noon game. 

Entry fee for the monthly social game is $5.  


PLEASE NOTE :  Whites are no longer required, however they are NOT discouraged - nor are Club shirts.
Also note : The draw game is now 14 ends with the first 2 ends at 1 point apiece.

​.  .  .

E S T A B L I S H E D   1 9 0 1