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I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E

T O  A L L  M E M B E R S

I want to thank ALL those who

have volunteered to help out with the Monthly Social Birthday Cakes and / or coordinating a Reception!

We still need someone to coordinate the SFLBC Holiday Luncheon on Sunday,

Dec. 3 .

Please let me know if you are able to volunteer for one of these.

In the meantime, a specific "THANK YOU" to the following people who will be bringing the cakes this year:  Ann Knopf, Angie & John Peet, Christine Raher, John Lee, Rita Arriaga, Norm Tiernan, Janet Mednick, Rod Arriaga, Isabelle Dokouzian, EB Parkell, Nora Gallagher, and Ginger Harris.

And a "THANK YOU" to Angie, Marcy and Ginger for volunteering to coordinate the Centennial Cup reception, and to Nora for taking on the coordination for the Closing Day Reception. "THANK YOU"

to Christine Raher who has volunteered to coordinate the reception following our Home & Home games w/ Palo Alto (no we don't yet have a confirmed date, but hopefully we will know soon).  We still do not have anyone to coordinate the Holiday Luncheon in December.  Please contact me if you are willing to do this.

PLEASE NOTE :  Volunteering for "Hospitality" is NOT a gender specific role!!!  Men and women can be equally successful at this!

                      Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

Robb Pawlak, Rita Arriaga, Rod Arriaga and E.B. Parkell

For Many Years of Dedicated Service to the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club

The SFLBC  F E B R U A R Y calendar is as follows :

N E W S 


 H E L L O   E V E R Y O N E !

​​​​​Monday, February 13 : SFLBC Gardening Group - 

Gardening Group convenes at 9 am to tend to any Club garden needs.  The group can always use additional help and welcomes any member who wishes to join in.!!!
.  .  . 

Tuesday, February 14 :SFLBC Monthly Social - 
Gather at 11 am, bring your own lunch! Come celebrate February birthdays! 

Name chips and $$ need to be on the table by 11:45

to be included in the draw for the triples game at noon. 

.  .  .

NOTE: Hard copies of the Club Membership Directory will be distributed at the social.  Those of you who want an e-copy will receive it on the same date.  If you have not done so in the past but would like to switch to an electronic copy of the Directory instead of a hard copy, please email me and let me know as soon as possible.

.  .  .

Monday, February 20 : President's Day Social Bowls - 

Be at the clubhouse by 10:45 am to be included in the draw game. 

Bring your own lunch.
.  .  .
Tuesday, February 21 :

GREENS ARE CLOSED due to the Monday Holiday!!!  

D U E S   R E M I N D E R :
2017 dues are now payable.!!!   Send check/give payment to Oscar Collaco, SFLBC Treasurer. Remember dues are considered delinquent if not paid by January 20!  Annual dues are unchanged for 2017 ($125 for members with SFLBC as the home club, $95 for dual members, $60 for associate members).
.  .  . 

​​N O T E :

"Suggestion Box" IS IN THE Men's Clubhouse. Members are invited to use this box as a means to submit serious suggestions for consideration. Please provide your name and contact info (email, phone number) along with your written suggestion to facilitate communication.

A D D I T I O N A L   R E M I N D E R  : 

WINTER hours are now in effect !

First game begins @ 11. Be there by 10:30 for the "Draw"

As always, if there is any question in your mind whether the greens are open because of recent rainy weather, please check the Club recording (415-487-8787)

REMEMBER, if the ground is 'soggy' please use the long mats to protect the greens!

Thanks for your patience.

See you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

2 0 1 6  P R E S I D E N T 'S  A W A R D


E - MAIL Reminders :

1.  2017 dues are now payable :

Send check/give payment to Oscar Collaco, SFLBC Treasurer.  Remember dues are considered delinquent if not paid by January 20!  Annual dues are unchanged for 2017 ($125 for members with SFLBC as the home club, $95 for dual members, $60 for associate members).

2.  2017 Member Directory :   

If you have any changes in your address, email address or phone number(s) please send them to Rita asap (by Jan. 20 at the latest) so she can meet her goal to have the Directory ready for distribution by the February social.

3,  E-copy of 2017 Directory : 

If you received an e-copy of the Directory in 2016, I will again deliver your 2017 Directory electronically.  If you received a hard copy in the past and would like to switch to an e-copy, please let me know.

4,  SFLBC By-Laws

The By-Laws were amended at the December 4 Annual General Meeting.  Attached PDF files contains your up-dated copy of the By-Laws.

5.  2017 SFLBC/PIMD :

Calendar:  The 2017 tournament calendar is being finalized.  The calendar will be distributed electronically to members in early January.  It will also be included in the Member Directory.

6.  November Birthday Cake :

Thank you to those of you who signed up to bring one of the monthly birthday cakes.  I have only one month left to be covered.  Is there anyone who can volunteer to bring the November social birthday cake (that will be Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017).  If you can, please let me know.  That's it!! 

                  Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary



Valentines Day Lawn Bowling Green Massacre!


(o.k., maybe, a half-a-dozen - if that)...

still, the wait was incredible!

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