Monday, November 13 :  SFLBC Gardening Group  -  

SFLB Gardening Group - gather at 9 am to help tend to the gardening needs of the Club! 
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Monday, November 6 :  SFLBC Board Meeting  -  

Starts at 10 am. Members are welcome to attend; there is always an agenda item for member comments / questions.
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Volunteers are needed

to organize the 2017 

White Elephant Sale!

Its another busy month for the SFLBC

(PLS also check the PIMD website for the PIMD events!)



Joanne Kluck and her Hospitality Committee have finalized arrangements for our

Annual Holiday Lunch on Sunday, December 3.  The sign-up list for the lunch has been posted

at the Club; cost is $20/member and any guest.  The menu will be a pasta bar with assorted sauces (meat and not-meat), bread sticks, salad, dessert, and beverages. 

Please make every attempt to give your payment to Oscar prior to the event.

N E W S 

Tuesday, November 14 :  Monthly Social  -  

Bring your lunch and gather @ 11 am.  Announcements and birthday cake @ 11:30.  Name chips must be on the table by 11:45 to be included in the noon draw game.  NOTE : This is the final Monthly Social of the year that will be included in the year-end pay-out at the Annual Holiday Awards presentation.
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The SFLBC  N O V E M B E R  Program is as follows :


 H E L L O   E V E R Y O N E !

N O T E :

"Suggestion Box" IS IN THE Men's Clubhouse. Members are invited to use this box as a means to submit serious suggestions for consideration. Please provide your name and contact info (email, phone number) along with your written suggestion to facilitate communication.

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​​A D D I T I O N A L   R E M I N D E R  : 

SUMMER hours are still in effect !

First game begins @ 10. Be there by 9:30 for the "Draw"

As always, if there is any question in your mind whether the greens are open because of recent rainy weather, please check the GREENS HOTLINE : 1 . 4 15 . 4 8 7 . 8 7 8 7

REMEMBER, IF the ground is ever 'soggy' please use the long mats to protect the greens!

Thanks for your patience.

Hope to see you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

Volunteers are needed to organize the 2017 White Elephant Sale... 

Ginger Harris can assist with set-up on the day prior to the sale and with the actual sale at the Annual Holiday Gathering, but she is unable to get to the Club regularly throughout November to accept/organize any items that are donated.  Please step up and help out...  

Contact President George Vlachos if you can take the leadership role in this fundraiser for the Club. 

And remember - if you are donating to the sale:  gently used items only, please!!!

U P D A T E D    1 0 .  3 1  .  1 7 

EARLY NOTICE : Sunday, December 3 :  SFLBC Annual General Meeting, Holiday Luncheon & Awards  -  

SFLBC Annual General Meeting  followed by the Holiday Lunch and Awards Presentation

Coffee / donuts will be served at 9:30 am; the meeting will begin at 10 am. 

Socialization and lunch and awards will follow as will, hopefully, the White Elephant Sale.
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TURKEY?!? What turkey? We didn't see any turkey!

Saturday - Sunday, November 18 - 19 :  Men's Championship Singles  -  

(rescheduled from October).  The sign-up sheet is posted at the Club - or contact Rod Arriaga directly

if you can't make it to the Club to sign up.  Deadline to sign up is Saturday, November 11. 

Markers are needed for this 2-day event; please sign up if you can help!
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