Monday, March  11 :  SFLBC Gardening Group  -  

SFLB Gardening Group - gather at 9 am to help tend to the gardening needs of the Club!

Any member is welcome to joint this group of volunteer regulars! 
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See you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary


All - Time for your reminder of what's on the SFLBC calendar for March...  
However, I'm starting off with several important pieces of info for all members:

1.  Important reminder to all members:  We've had a few incidences these past 2 months of finding the Clubhouse (and, at one time the Green 1 shed) UNLOCKED at the end of the day - as well as the heater (in the Women's Clubhouse) left on.  One of the benefits of being a member of SFLBC is your unfettered access to the Clubhouse and greens; please please do NOT take that benefit lightly - please make sure that you lock up ALL our sheds and the Clubhouses, and that you turn off the heater(s) and lights whenever you finish bowling.

2.  SF Rec & Park has installed water filters on the faucets of the kitchen sinks in both Clubhouses; therefore the Club will no longer supply bottled water.  Please bring your own water bottles and refill as needed in either Clubhouse.  Additionally, Rec & Park has provided us with blue recycling containers - please use them (please do NOT expect another member to have to sift through the trash to pull out recyclable items!!) - this really is a responsibility EACH of us must take on!!

3Robb Pawlak is asking for volunteers to assist in soliciting local vendors to donate to our NC19 fundraising efforts by purchasing ad space in the National Championships program.  This would be an easy way for those of you who cannot volunteer more time due to work or other commitments to help the Club because you can do this at any time w/ vendors in some of your favorite local shopping  / dining / etc. venues.  Please email Robb directly ( to offer your assistance.

4.  New design for Club shirts!  Please see attached jpeg file which shows 2 different designs for new club polo shirts (the difference being where the GG Bridge is located - on the sleeve vs on the back of the shirt).  The shirts would be made of a synthetic material (now common in athletic sportswear). The Board would like members' feedback on two things:  (A)  which design would you prefer and (B) would you be willing to order / purchase a new club shirt at the cost of @ $28 - $30 (cost will vary based on the volume of the order and sleeve length).  Please respond directly to this email with your answers by March 9.


5.  The minutes for the SFLBC January Board meeting have been posted at the Clubhouse.  FYI, the Board is completing design on a Member Feedback Survey that we hope to distribute electronically within the next couple of weeks.  We hope all members will participate in the survey.

And now for your MARCH Calendar Reminder:​​

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N O T E :

"Suggestion Box" IS IN THE Men's Clubhouse. Members are invited to use this box as a means to submit serious suggestions for consideration. Please provide your name and contact info (email, phone number) along with your written suggestion to facilitate communication.

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Saturday / Sunday, March 30 - 31 :  2nd week of the PIMD Men's & Women's Pairs Playdowns -

  Players determined by outcome of the prior weekend's play.
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Sunday, March 31 :  SFLBC's first tournament of the year - the Women's Handicap Pairs. -    

  Sign up individually at the Clubhouse where a sheet has been posted.  This is a draw pairs tournament, three 12-end games

will be played,  Deadline to sign up is Sunday, March 24.  If you can't get to the Club but wish to participate,

contact Rita Arriaga directly (

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P R O G R A M​

E S T A B L I S H E D   1 9 0 1


Tuesday, March 12 :  Monthly Social  -  

The first monthly social of 2019 - bring your own lunch and gather @ 11 am! 

Announcements and March birthday cake will occur @ 11:30 am. 

Name chips MUST be on the table by 11:45 to be included in the draw for the Noon game. 

Entry fee for the monthly social game is $5.  


PLEASE NOTE :  Whites are no longer required, however they are NOT discouraged - nor are Club shirts.
Also note : The draw game is now 14 ends with the first 2 ends at 1 point apiece.

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Saturday / Sunday, March 23 - 24 :  PIMD Men's & Women's Pairs Playdowns - will be played @ SFLBC.    

  For our new members, this is the competition that will determine our Divisional (PIMD) Men's & Women's Pairs Champions who will compete at the National Championships in September.  To participate, you must complete the PIMD entry form for your team (hard copies of the form can be found in the men's clubhouse on the PIMD bulletin board or downloaded from the PIMD website) and mail it w/ your reg fee directly to Bud Birkenseer, PIMD Tournament Director.  

Note deadline to sign-up is Saturday March 16.
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National Celery Month!

Saturday, March 16 :  PIMD Opening Day - hosted by SFLBC. 

Sign-up sheet is posted at the Clubhouse; you must sign up AND put your check for $10 (made out to PIMD) 

by Saturday, March 9.  If you can't get to the Clubhouse by the deadline but wish to participate,

contact Rod Arriaga directly.  Two draw triples games will be played at this tournament. 
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U P D A T E D    2  . 2 6 . 1 9

Sunday, March 10 :  SFLBC Opening Day Social Bowls and early St. Patrick's Observation.  -    

Coffee/pastries will be available starting at 9:30 am; name chips and $$ need to be on the front table by 9:45

to participate in the 10 am draw for the social game.  We'll have announcements starting at 10, then team announcements

followed by a 12-end triples game.  Entry fee is $3.  Liquid refreshment and St. Pat's appropriate dessert follows the game. 

Bring your own lunch and stay for an afternoon game if you wish.  Dress per Club rules is whites or Club shirts -

although a touch of green will be allowed!  Sign-up by March 3 at the Clubhouse.  If you wish to participate but

can't make it to the Club by the deadline, email Rod Arriaga directly (
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