Tuesday, August 14 :  Monthly Social  -  

Gather w/ your lunches @ 11 am; birthday cake and announcements @11:30. 

Name chips on the table for the draw game by 11:45 am, Social Game will commence at noon.

The format this month for the monthly social game will be a rotational triples game!  


PLEASE NOTE :  Whites are no longer required, however they are NOT discouraged - nor are Club shirts.
Also note : The draw game is now 14 ends with the first 2 ends at 1 point apiece.

​.  .  .


FYI : August is National Peach Month. ENJOY!

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Sunday, August 25 :  SFLBC Centennial Cup Invitational - 

Sign up sheet is posted at the Club; this is a mixed triples event.  Please follow instructions

and plan to pay your fee (check to SFLBC) at the same time that you sign up.  If you have questions

re: the sign-up process, contact Rod Arriaga directly.  NOTE:  There will be a potluck reception following the games for this tournament as we have done the past few years; 

Please contact Angie Peet (angiepeet@yahoo.com) to let her know what type of dish you will bring.
.  .  .

Saturday, September 1 :  Home & Home vs. Berkeley LBC - 

SFLBC will host this year's Bay Bridge Challenge.  This is an "Early Reminder of Date";

you will receive an email when the sign-up sheet is posted!
.  .  .

Season is picking up at the SFLBC!

(PLS remember to also check the PIMD website for additional PIMD events!)

Saturday, August 19 :  Women's Championship Singles - 

The sign up sheet has been posted.  Deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 12.  If you can't get to the Club to sign up but wish to participate, please contact Rita Arriaga directly. 

Markers are also needed for this event!
.  .  .

Saturday, August 11 :  PIMD McLaren Rotational Mixed Triples - 

Will be played at SFLBC. Deadline to sign up is Saturday, August 4.  You must send reg fee & reg form directly to Bud Birkenseer (PIMD tournament director).  PIMD reg forms can be found on the PIMD bulletin board in the Men's Clubhouse; or go to the PIMD website and download a form. 

You must sign up as a team!

.  .  .

U P D A T E D    8 . 1 4 . 1 8

 Evening League Play - 

At the last SFLBC Board meeting, a proposal was made about re-introducing

Evening League Play (similar to the successful Belgrano tournament held a few years ago).

We would like to get a sense from the membership if there is enough interest in bowling

after 5p during the week, at least through the end of September. 

If you are interested please contact Mo Shooer directly (momo@saber.net) by July 30!
.  .  .

The SFLBC  A U G U S T  Program is as follows :

Sunday, August 12 :  SFLBC Men's Handicap Singles - 

The sign up sheet has been posted.  Deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 5.  If you can't get to the Club to sign up but wish to play, contact Rod Arriaga directly. 

Markers are needed for this event; please consider helping out and sign up to mark!

.  .  .

Thursday, August 2 :  Hattie Bahrt Mixed Pairs  -  

  Sign up sheet is posted.  Deadline to sign up is Thursday, July 26.  If you wish to sign up

but can't get to the Club, contact Rita Arriaga directly.
.  .  .

N E W S 


 H E L L O   E V E R Y O N E !

Bowlers!  - Just a reminder that you should always double check the

OPEN / CLOSED status of the greens via the Club's Greens phone number.


E S T A B L I S H E D   1 9 0 1

Again, thanks for your patience.​
Hope to see you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

Thursday, August 23 :  Evening bowls & Hospitality FUNdraiser - 

 Evening Social Bowl game followed by dinner and drinks (rumor has it that it'll be lasagna

this month!).  Name chips on the table by 5:15 for a 5:30 draw game.  Cost to play and dine is $10; BYOB or buy liquid refreshment from the well-stocked fridge.  Contact Joanne Kluck (joanne.kluck@gmail.com) or Angie Peet (angiepeet@yahoo.com) directly if you wish to attend.
.  .  .

N O T E :

"Suggestion Box" IS IN THE Men's Clubhouse. Members are invited to use this box as a means to submit serious suggestions for consideration. Please provide your name and contact info (email, phone number) along with your written suggestion to facilitate communication.

.  .  .

October 6 :  PIMD Garage Sale Fundraising Event - 

PIMD will sponsor a Division-wide garage sale with all proceeds going towards helping to fund

the  costs associated with sponsoring the 2019 National Championships.  If you have any gently used items you would like to donate to the sale, please contact Ginger Harris or Angie Peet

to arrange a time to deliver your items to them.
.  .  .


Monday, August 13 :  SFLBC Gardening Group  -  

SFLB Gardening Group - gather at 9 am to help tend to the gardening needs of the Club!

Any member is welcome to joint this group of volunteer regulars! 
.  .  .



I M P O R T A N T   A N N O U N C E M E N T S  :

Members please note - on a date that a tournament is scheduled, please do not expect

to be able to do any social bowling!  With a single green, tournament play will need

to take priority.  Thank you for your patience!!!