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P R O T O C O L S 

1. General Protocols
1.1 Until further notice, clubhouse and greens are for members only. No guests, family members, pets or public permitted at club facilities, except for areas outside fences beyond Club control (where masks and social distancing is encouraged).
1.2 Before any member or visitor initially uses the clubhouse and/or greens after re-opening, he/she must sign our “COVID-19 AND OTHER COMMUNICABLE DISEASE AGREEMENT, RELEASE AND WAIVER.”
1.3 No one may bowl if they have a persistent cough, fever or other COVID-19 symptom,

or if a member of their household exhibits such symptoms.
1.4 Bowlers must stay away if too risky given his or her underlying conditions and are advised to seek a physician’s advice as to the risks/rewards of bowling.
1.5 All bowlers must sign the Daily Attendance Log each day they bowl. The Log will be made available either at the entrance to the green of play or in the clubhouse.
1.6 Each bowler must self-identify and give notice to the Club Assistant Secretary as soon as possible if he/she or a member of their household is determined to be infected by COVID-19 or experiences a high-fever. The Club will attempt to notify each person who signed in on the Daily Attendance Log on any day the infected member also signed the Log. In that notice, the Club will not identify the member at issue. The Club will rely solely on the Log for giving notice. However, privacy

of any infected person is not assured.
1.7 All bowlers must maintain minimum 6 foot social distancing in compliance with applicable governmental Orders.
1.8 Face coverings (bandanas or masks)

must be worn before entering and while

in the clubhouse and on the greens at all times.
1.9 Any member or bowler who fails to comply with these Protocols and/or applicable governmental Order (say, by not keeping

their mask on when these rules or governmental Order require) is subject to suspension from play, or suspension or expulsion from the Club.
1.10 Each bowler must supply their own personal supplies when at the Club: masks, wipes, sanitizer, gloves, clean towels, pencils, scorecards, etc. The Club will attempt to supply hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes and/or disinfecting spay, but cannot guarantee being able to do so. Each bowler is responsible for their own sanitizers and disinfectants and should not rely on the

Club to do so.
1.11 Each bowler must sanitize their bowls and other equipment after each game.
1.12 No lessons will be given to non-members until further notice.
1.13 Prominent signs with these protocols with be placed by the entrances to each green and clubhouse.

2. Clubhouse
2.1 Limit use of the clubhouse to the extent possible. Try not to use the restrooms or change clothes in the clubhouse. If practical, bring bowls and other equipment with you each day.
2.2 Maximum time in clubhouse: 10 minutes (except as authorized).
2.3 Maximum of 3 people in men’s clubhouse and 2 people in women’s at any time, with minimum 6 foot spacing. 2.4 Maximum of 1 person in either restroom. Wash or sanitize hands before and after each use.
2.5 No congregating, meeting, eating, food prep or phone calls in the clubhouse or exchange of money.
2.6 The less touching of clubhouse doorknobs, sink handles, surfaces, the better for you and for others.
2.7 Chips will not be used until further notice.
2.8 Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use a good sanitizer, especially each time you enter or leave the clubhouse or use the bathroom. Avoid contact with face and face covering at all times.
2.9 No use of kitchen, kitchen appliances, refrigerator and tables. Except for 2 chairs in each clubhouse, chairs shall remain folded

and not used.
2.10 Bulletin board/wall materials should be handled only by authorized members.


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3. Greens (see graphic below for social distancing scenarios)
3.1 Singles and pairs games, and individual practice only.
3.2 Face coverings required at all times while on the greens.
3.3 Maximum of 16 players on any green at any time. Additional members may be on benches away from games, safely distanced, with face coverings.
3.4 Maximum of 4 rinks per green, with vacant rinks in between.
3.5 Maximum of 4 players per rink and maximum of 2 players at end of each rink.
3.6 There will be no draws and pairings may not be made in the Clubhouse. It is recommended that upon arrival, the bowler proceed to the farthest rink which has an open spot for play.
3.7 Bowling will be “first come, first served” until further notice. Should all available rinks be full, a 10 end/2 hour limit shall be followed, to allow waiting bowlers to take over a rink and start play after bowlers have played 10 ends or for 2 hours, whichever is earlier.
3.8 If necessary, a system will be created for reserving times for play.
3.9 No congregating around head. Only one player may measure at a time. Maintain social distancing when observing a measure.
3.10 Use a second (overflow) green if needed and then only if OK’d by Tory, Nick, greens committee member (Bill, Al, Sebastian, Mike) or Club President.
3.11 Every player handles and sanitizes their own bowls, measures, towels, chalk, etc.
3.12 No sharing of bowls, jacks or mats. City and County Order prohibits recreation that that uses shared equipment.

3.12.1 RAKES : Only one person may use a rake at each end. No sharing of rakes between rinks. Sanitize the handle of each rake before and after use of a rink.
3.12.2 JACKS : Each bowler uses his/her

own jack.
3.12.3 MATS: one person places one mat at one end, and one person places a mat at the other end. In pairs games, the lead grabs the narrow end of the mat to set it, and the skip grabs the long end to remove it. When the opposing player/team won the last end, the mat shall be placed where the winning team/player directs it be set.

4. Rink Set Up / Tear Down
4.1 Handlers for Club equipment must be designated each day of play (keys, markers/tray/daily log, signs, flyers, etc.)
4.2 Each rink sets up and tears down its own rink with mats, markers, and if desired, rakes. If bowlers are waiting for a rink, do not tear down the rink. Use disposable gloves if possible, and wash or disinfect hands after each set up and tear down. Face coverings are required when setting up and tearing down.

5. Release / Waiver

and Daily Attendance Log
5.1 All members must sign the “COVID-19 and Other Communicable Disease Agreement, Release & Waiver” upon their first visit to the Club after it reopens, and the Daily Attendance Log each visit thereafter, using their own pen or pencil.
5.2 A file of signed Agreements and Daily Attendance Logs will be kept by the Assistant Secretary.

PLEASE NOTE :These emergency protocols are enacted for safety and efficiency during the pandemic, and supplement the Club’s By-Laws and Rules

& Regulations. These protocols shall remain in effect until further notice from

the Board. In the event of any conflict with these Protocols, City, Rec and Park 

or State Order shall control.

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