Bowlers Bulletin Board is an email group. This is a casual bulletin board/forum similar to NextDoor or Yahoo groups. This is only for members of SFLBC. It is free and doesn’t take any additional software or apps. Right now it is an “opt in” system where you must accept the invitation to join and confirm your email address. You may unsubscribe at any time. You will be receiving an invitation to this group in a separate email in the next few days.

Here are some tips and info about the Bowlers Bulletin Board from Andrew Keeler :

Text Alertsisa text - based system. It is used to alert members about green closures, facilities issues, last-minute tournament needs, etc. This will not be used very often but is meant for timely notices that will be delivered to your phone via text. It is free and you can unsubscribe any time. All members will automatically be enrolled in this system or you can text: SFLBC to 66599 to enroll right away. The texts are one way, you will not be able to reply. You must have a cell phone to be included in this group.


        nce you are in the group you can send an email to and that message goes out to everyone who is signed up for this group. (The address you send from must match your subscription email or it will not come through. For example if you are subscribed at and you try to send from your work email it will be rejected)

The system is setup so the first message any member sends must be approved by the moderator and after that it is unmoderated. This is to protect from spam or unwanted emails.

 Although I don’t anticipate there will be a lot of emails in this group, it is important to use good subject lines so people can follow or ignore certain threads and  not miss info that could be relevant to them.  For example:     Is anyone playing Thursday afternoon?I am looking for a teammate for San Jose on 4/5, Question on a rule regarding touchers, Does anyone know how to use the coffee maker? These are specific, try to avoid generic things like: What’s happening this week, Need some help, Did anyone see this?

 If you are replying to a message, please keep it in that thread. If the email is about something else start a new thread. For example: If someone sends an email about a rule and somebody responds to that and then you respond but discuss selling some equipment. It can get distracting, or your message will get lost in the shuffle. It is better to start a new discussion by using a new subject line like: "I have a set of size 2 bowls for sale” 


If you reply to an email it will go to the whole group unless you can change the address to the individual. Please be aware of this. If Tom writes a post to the group and you want to reply a private note to Tom and not the whole group makesure you send it to not (which is the default and will go to the whole group)

This group is meant for SFLBC members and should have information that is of interest and relevant to this audience. I don’t think it needs to be strictly bowling oriented. For example I could send a message that we are having a mah jongg game at the club on Tuesday or someone wants to invite members to a happy hour at a local pub or even broader things like you have tickets to a Warriors game and wanted to see if any members were interested. Please avoid political discussions.

​                                          TY.  Andrew Keeler



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