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Again, thanks for your patience.​
Hope to see you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary

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Please note the following important information:


Yes, the retaining wall construction has been completed - but now greens repair and rejuvenation have begun

SF Rec & Park has committed to improving the condition of all three of our greens and has begun that process. 

Green 2 is undergoing extensive repair work to level its surfaces and restore the grass.  This process will take quite awhile to complete.  In the meantime Green 3 rejuvenation is nearing completion and hopefully, in a couple of weeks, will be ready

to re-open.  However, once it does, then Green 1 will close so that repair of that green can commence.  The result is that we

will continue to be limited to primarily one green over the next few months.  As President Vlachos mentioned, 

please continue to be patient with this process AND be appreciative of Rec & Park's commitment to improving our greens. 

We will keep you posted as much as we are able re: progress on this major project.

Tournament / Club Calendar Changes:

1.  The September Hospitality Evening Bowls is cancelled (originally scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 27). 

However, Thursday evening bowls will continue throughout the month.
2.  Bill Campbell Mixed Novice Singles Datechange:  This tournament date has been switched to Sunday, October 14.  
3.  PIMD Closing Daylocation change:  Due to our greens conditions and limitations, PIMD Closing Day (Saturday, October20) will be hosted by Rossmoor LBC in Walnut Creek.  In another week or so sign-ups will commence for this event...   

As in year's past, registration for Closing Day will occur at our local Club level (SFLBC) so do NOT mail registration to Bud. 

(I will announce to members when a sign-up sheet for Closing Day has been posted at the Club)....
4.  President's Tournament date change:  The President's Tournament date has been changed to Thursday, November 1

The tournament will consist of 3 10-end games (draw triples teams) followed by a reception hosted by George Vlachos

A sign up sheet for the tournament will be posted at the end of this month.

Markers Needed for the Following Tournaments:
If you are available on any of the following dates -

consider doing a service for the Club and sign up to mark for any of the following tournaments:
1.  Saturday, September 22 - Women's 4-3-2-1:  

If you can mark, please contact Janet Mednick directly (janetrmednick@gmail.com)
2.  Sunday, October 14 - Bill Campbell Mixed Novice Singles

If you can mark, please contact EB Parkell directly (ebparkell@aol.com)
3.  Saturday or Sunday, October 13 or 14 - Men's Championship Singles

If you can mark on either day, please contact Rod Arriaga directly (rodarriaga@comcast.net)