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To All - This message contains important information for all members, so please read through all items and open the attachments.

1.  First, due to the very wet greens and the prediction for more rain overnight and tomorrow, the January Social has been cancelled.  We'll try again in February!

2.  Rec & Park has installed water filters on the kitchen taps in both Clubhouses.  With this installation, SFLBC will no longer buy or provide plastic water bottles!  Club members or visitors can use the paper cups available in the cabinets or bring their own water bottles.  

3.  Green #1 will close in the next week or so for coring and repair!  Always check the chalkboard in the Men's Clubhouse to determine which green and in which direction to play.  Also remember to always lay down long mats during these winter months; long mats should be placed at the 2-meter mark so that all bowls land on the mats on initial delivery.  Plinth work around the greens should be completed by January 30 - please acknowledge the work on the plinths that has all been done by Al Minvielle and Sebastian Sciacca.

4.  Our new Hospitality chairperson, Lyen Steinke, is asking for volunteers to be part of her committee through the year.  If you can assist her, please email Lyen directly.

5.  Planning is in progress for the NC19 Event in September at our club.  In another month or so we will begin to ask for volunteers from all PIMD clubs to help in the various functions needed to host the National Championships including hospitality, marking, score signage, rinks set-up and take-down, etc.  But we recognize that much of this work will require SFLBC members help and we appreciate all members' willingness to participate in this event, both in terms of time and money.  Thank you to all.   
6.  Finally, there are 2 attachments w/ the "membership email":  
-The first attachment is the Minutes from the December 2nd Annual General Meeting.  A hard copy of the Minutes are also posted in the Clubhouse (along w/ a hard copy of the October Board of Directors meeting).  
-The second attachment is the 2019 SFLBC/PIMD Calendar of events and tournaments.  All members please review this calendar so you can begin planning which events/tournaments you wish to enter.  A hard copy of this calendar will also be posted at the Club.

For our new members:  Tournaments are day-long events, usually consisting of 3 or 4 games, with check-in times usually before 9:00 am. 

NOTE: For all SFLBC tournaments, members will receive e-mail notification from our Club's tournament directors (Rod Arriaga or

Janet Mednick) when they have posted sign-up sheets for a particular tournament.  Their email notice will include details of the tournament format (number of ends or points per game, number of games to be played, whether its a 'draw' tournament or if sign-ups are by teams).  On the schedule, I have placed an asterisk (*) next to those tournaments that require sign-ups by teams (vs. individual).  Sign-ups for PIMD (divisional) tournaments are announced also by email (forwarded by our Club TD's to members.   If you have any questions about any tournament or social games, please do not hesitate to ask someone (send an email to one of the TD's or coaches - or even to me and I'll pass it along to the appropriate person).  We really hope each new member is able to play in a tournament this year!

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Hope to see you on the green!
Rita Arriaga, SFLBC Secretary