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Free Lessons

Question: How did you decide to join the SF Lawn Bowling Club?

#1 Answer: I was walking through the Park, and I saw the FREE LESSONS sign.


Email to set up your first lesson. 

We Love New Bowlers

LESSONS are the gateway to MEMBERSHIP*.  

After three free lessons, you can join the SFLBC and continue playing alongside other lawn bowling enthusiasts. We'll teach you everything you need to know to be able to play this fun and engaging sport.  


Email (see link below) and indicate the best days and times of the week. A coach will contact you to schedule your first 90-120 minute lesson. You will have three lessons focusing on the skill of bowling, how the game is played, game etiquette, and more. In the third lesson, you will play a casual match with club members.


Please wear flat-soIed shoes (i.e., no hiking boots or heels.) Ages 12+. SFLBC is closed Wed before 2 p.m., when greens are too wet, and for tournaments and other special events. 

We love new members!

* Lawn bowling is played with asymmetrical balls called bowls, weighing weighing about 3 pounds. For this reason, lesson-takers and members must be at least 12 years old to safely play.

For those who may be physically challenged to roll a 3-pound bowl, the club makes every effort to accommodate; for example, coaches are available to teach prospective members how to use an assistive “arm” to propel the bowl.

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